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“Only Cowards Carry Weapons”  workshop comes to Grove House School .

Jenny and Tanya from the charity “Only Cowards Carry” came to Grove House on Wednesday 3rd October to deliver a Weapons and Gang Culture Awareness workshop the school's Upper School pupils. The pupils learnt how gang members prey on the vulnerable to force them to commit crime through fear or “take the rap” for crimes gang members have committed. The students were also shown how to protect themselves, the importance of being alert to what is happening around them and to question why people may want to be their friend. This workshop was a real eye opener and Grove House pupils found the it very informative and useful.

Jenny and Tanya also delivered a “Bullying Awareness” workshop to Grove House's Middle School pupils. They worked with the pupils to develop their understanding, not only of how to deal with bullies but the impact bullying has on a person’s self-esteem and emotional well being. The students found this workshop very useful.

Grove house gang culture awareness photos2

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